Conflict arises when people see evil in the other.

 Actor and musician share the stage, in a perfectly balanced mix of fierce telling and gentle melodies, childhood stories and centuries’ old songs; the duet moves with impeccable virtuosity between the personal and the symbolic



This show is a combination of biographical stories from Raphael’s life, the biblical myth of the first murder and a surreal medieval tale on war and heroism.

Myth, surreal wonder tale and personal stories woven together with folk songs and tunes from Israel, Greece and the Mediterranean, reveal the side of us that is capable of hurting another human being. Using their voices and musical instruments, the duet explores the path to a place within us that is free from ideas of right and wrong.

The place where healing can begin.



Raphael Rodan (actor/storyteller) was born in the ancient land of the Galilee. His artistic quest leads into the shadow of our inner self. His performances bring awareness to our inner beast, the one that rises from our depths in cases of conflict and leads us into a field of separation, hatred and war. Raphael graduated on 2008 from the School of Speech and Drama in Harduf, Israel and then continued for another two years to study at the School of Storytelling in Sussex, UK. In Israel, he used to work as a theatre director for Arab and Jewish young actors, using theatre as a bridge of communication. Since he moved to the UK Raphael runs storytelling workshops all over Europe. He is also the founder of “Jiser El Adam”, an international storytelling project for peace, located in Galilee, Israel. If you want to know more about Raphael, try his website at http://www.raphaelrodan.com/ .

Rodan, his eyes gleaming has transfixing air as he speaks.

Captivating Storytelling, Rodan delivers with compassion and briliance.


Anastasios Sarakatsanos (composer/musician) was born in Athens, Greece. He uses music as a means of communication with the audience and is mostly interested in its visual aspect, hence his special interest in theatre and film music. He graduated from the Music School of Athens, studied Folk and Traditional music in Greece and for the last 5 years has lived in the UK. Recently completed his Masters in Film Music Composition at the University of Sussex and moved on to a PhD in Composition at the Royal Holloway, University of London. Anastasios has worked as a Theatre and Film musician as performer, composer and trainer. He has performed as a kanun or a piano player in numerous occasions (concerts with the London Sinfonietta at the Athens Concert Hall, with the National Symphony Orchestra of Greece on national tours) and has collaborated with distinguished Greek directors and composers. If you want to know more about Anastasios, try his website at http://sarakatsanosa.wix.com/fugitif-noir .

   Anastasis Sarakatsanos adds the mystic sounds. The two halves form a complete and fulfilling whole.


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